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Linda Maud Walker (nee Mitchell) was born on June 6, 1931 and was the fourth of seven children. Our mother’s life story as quoted by her began on January 20, 1940 when her family moved to a new home in New Gardens in the Parish of St. Andrew, Jamaica. Her father was a farmer of various produce and grew ginger in abundance for export. Our mother often told us stories of how her father harvested the ginger and the people from the neighborhood would seek employment from her Dad. Linda was a vibrant girl, who loved school, however in those days; children were not allowed to attend school after 16 years, especially the girls. Linda’s mother stopped her from attending school at age 16 years, but a year later in 1947, missionaries from the United States came to New Gardens and she returned to school taught by a missionary couple from Ohio, Burris and Clara Goodman. The Goodman’s before returning to the United States paid for Linda’s tuition to attend the Jamaica Bible School & College. In 1955, she received a letter from the Goodman’s asking her to work with a young couple, the Metzlers; Mennonites from Pennsylvania to help with the growth of a new church, now called The Good Tidings Mennonite Church in Kingston & St. Andrew. This was where Linda met her husband and companion of 52 years Euhart Walker.

In the summer of 1969, Linda approached the leaders of Good Tidings Mennonite Church with the idea of starting a pre-school. That same year, The Good Tidings Mennonite Basic School came into existence with only three students. Over the many years, enrollment grew to over a hundred students and Linda hired three more teachers. Because of the size of the school, the Jamaica Board of Education eventually took control of the school and Linda remained the Principal until June 1986 when she migrated to the United States with her husband. Linda’s love for children followed her as she worked in the United States, and she worked as a home health aid and care-giver with the Children Aid Society up until her retirement. In 2004, Linda and her husband Euhart eventually retired to Florida. She loved Florida for the weather and her new found house of worship, Dundee Baptist Church.

Linda’s biggest passions in life were her family, her church and her relationship with Jesus Christ her Savior. Her avid interest was in playing the piano, writing poems and children short stories; and since retiring to Florida participating in her church’s activities. Linda Maud Walker departed this life on Sunday, July 5, 2009. She was preceded in death by her son Michael Walker; parents Jeff & Robertha Mitchell, sisters Lynnette Tapper (nee Mitchell) and Nora Mitchell. Linda leaves to cherish her memory: six children; Clover, Burris, Judy, Annette, Jacqueline and Sandra; nine grand-children (Ricardo, Kimberley, Nicollette, Shawna, Dharahan, Steven, Jeremy, Eric Jr., and Joshua), and three great-grand children (Norian, Brandon and Amelia). She also leaves behind four sons-in-law (Tony, Christian, Eric, and Don) and one daughter-in-law (Jacqueline). Linda is also survived by siblings (Fred, Etta, Freida, Darrell); and a host of nieces, nephews and friends.

Our mother, was a very enthusiastic, vibrant and self reliant person, she was always a “mother” to all of her children. She would not hesitate to give us anything that we asked of her. We loved Mamma and would have wanted her to last longer in this life, however, her Lord and Savior had other plans for her, we are now comforted knowing that she is at rest. “We Love You Mamma.”

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I remember Mamma   / Clover Walker (Daughter)
I remember my mother when we used to sing hymns together she used to tell me i have a beautiful singing voice she taught me the musical chords suchs a tenor soprano alto and bass I used to sing the tenor or soprano and she has the most magnifice...  Continue >>
in my eye   / Shawna (granddaughter)
in my eye
she was a provider
she was a queen
she was my grandmom
in my eye
she was so strong
you could never tell her she is wrong
I know her spirint would live along

life is a journey
but w...  Continue >>
Comfort in memories   / Sandi (daughter)
The heart aches for what it has loved and lost. Flooded with memories as I hear your voice in my thoughts. Reading the story of your younger years, long before you brought me into this world. I am so much like you in many ways--you were a part o...  Continue >>
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Her legacy
Mamma's Poems  



When you are angry take a walk,
It’s what is best rather than talk.
Angry words may come out flying,
of which there is no denying.

Taking them back you cannot do,
they are out to hurt who knows who.
It’s best to think before you speak,
you'll be more stronger rather than weak.


The hungry man with can in hand,
sits by the wayside begging.
His clothes were tattered, his face was lean,
his hands were dirty so were his jeans.
His jeans were blue so were his eyes,
looking at everyone who passes by.
I looked at him with loving eyes,
took out a gift and placed it in his can.
He nodded his head with gratitude,
thanking me for my attitude.
A good deed done, is done indeed,
helping those that are in need.


We go about from day to day,
meeting folks along the way.
We greet them with a happy smile
that lasted for a little while.

We try to talk and become friends,
some we keep on to the end.
The folks we meet are all so different,
in many many, many ways.
God made us so that we may know,
to love the folks along the way

Linda Maud Walker  

Clover, Burris, Judy, Annette, Jacquie, Sandi, Mikey

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Linda Walker
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