Linda Walker
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Linda Maude Walker Timeline

Born in Leicester, Clarendon Jamaica on June 06, 1931.

Her family moved to New Gardens in St. Andrew in on January 20, 1940.

Attended the Jamaica Bible School & College around 1948

In 1955, she worked with Mennonite missionaries from Pennsylvania to help with the growth of a new church, now called The Good Tidings Mennonite Church in Kingston & St. Andrew.

Married to Euhart Walker on July 31, 1957

Seven children (Clover, Burris, Judy, Annette, Jacqueline, Sandra, Michael) between 1957 to 1967.

In 1969 was the lead person to implement the idea for Good Tidings Mennonite Church Basic School on Whitehall Avenue, St. Andrew Jamaica.

Principal at Good Tidings Mennonite Church up to June 1986

Migrated to the United States in June 1986

Retired to Dundee Florida in 2004.

Joined the Dundee Baptist Church in 2005.



Passed away on July 05, 2009 at the age of 78.
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