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When you are angry take a walk,
It’s what is best rather than talk.
Angry words may come out flying,
of which there is no denying.

Taking them back you cannot do,
they are out to hurt who knows who.
It’s best to think before you speak,
you'll be more stronger rather than weak.


The hungry man with can in hand,
sits by the wayside begging.
His clothes were tattered, his face was lean,
his hands were dirty so were his jeans.
His jeans were blue so were his eyes,
looking at everyone who passes by.
I looked at him with loving eyes,
took out a gift and placed it in his can.
He nodded his head with gratitude,
thanking me for my attitude.
A good deed done, is done indeed,
helping those that are in need.


We go about from day to day,
meeting folks along the way.
We greet them with a happy smile
that lasted for a little while.

We try to talk and become friends,
some we keep on to the end.
The folks we meet are all so different,
in many many, many ways.
God made us so that we may know,
to love the folks along the way

Linda Maud Walker  

Clover, Burris, Judy, Annette, Jacquie, Sandi, Mikey

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